Linkedin Kick Start Course

J. Ellis

I’ve just completed my first four-week introduction training with Jen and it’s been a really great experience! When I started I was doing ok on LinkedIn, but I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure of how and why I was posting content and engaging and connecting. Now that has all changed. I understand […]

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C. Rogers

I lacked confidence and structure as a newbie to LinkedIn but Jen patiently guided me through the process and I can now see the potential that LinkedIn has to build relationships through content and messenger. I found it difficult not to be salesy but professional and business like. I’ve completed levels 1, 2 and 3,

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J Chakravorty

There was so much I didn’t know about LinkedIn! I’m still no expert, but Jen is. She’s shared a great deal of her knowledge with me during an online workshop, which included pimping up my profile and, more importantly, finding that my profile wasn’t even being found! Now I have a plan and know the

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R. White

I never thought that in just a few weeks my LinkedIn would be generating new leads, but that’s what happened from working with Jen. She showed me how to optimise my profile and content, which has resulted in my profile appearing in twice as many search results compared to just 4 weeks ago. I also

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J. Blain

I have been through Jen’s Level 1 LinkedIn training and it was a revelation. I am active on the platform and needed a refresh. Jen challenged and helped me to unlearn some old habits and create new ones. I couldn’t have been happier. There were 3 standout benefits for me – My 3 P’s! 1)

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S. Humphrey

For the past four weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Jen Taylor. The training has improved my confidence and understanding of LinkedIn, given me a better understanding of content and how a mix can be beneficial as well as giving me the tools to optimise my profile (for the better). By holding

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Although I was on LinkedIn, I certainly was not using it to my best advantage as a marketing tool until I completed Jen’s 4 week online course. After optimizing my page I doubled my profile reviews, and I learnt how to create a content plan to increase my engagement, and how to generate leads. Following

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N. Caldwell

Prior to working with Jen, my LinkedIn profile was, to use a car analogy, a bit of a clunker! No polish, hardly visible to other LinkedIn users, and not working for me as a business owner. With Jen’s help, I’ve been able to optimise my profile so that it works for me and my business,

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A. Ragona

Thanks Jen, loved your training program, you gave me great and unique tips on content creation, strategic ideas on what content to post which I wouldn’t have thought of myself and ways to repurpose content to save time. I also loved the support you gave me with the About section. I wasn’t showcasing myself properly

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A. Walling

In just 4 sessions Jen has helped me transform my LinkedIn and put me on the path to success. My profile was outdated, and I was only sharing articles from my company’s page with no audience engagement. During my LinkedIn Kickstart course, I learned about the importance of fully completing my profile, how to use

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