H. Carless

I worked alongside Jen, on her 8-week Linkedin signature program, and with each session, she brought tonnes of value. From unique ideas to features to utilise on LinkedIn. I have learnt so much, and gained so much knowledge on putting the message across, we knew we needed and wanted to tell. I can’t believe the […]

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M. Mulquin

I have invited Jen to talk at a few of our networking events and the response has always been so positive. She has delivered to our members great tips and advice and a clear presentation during the slot. Each time the talk has prompted lots of questions from the attendees about how to improve their

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L. Lucey

I took part in Jen’s Linkedin Content Mastery workshop. From the outset, Jen was friendly, approachable, and above all knowledgeable. As an Admin of our company’s Linkedin page, she highlighted many new ideas for content, how to bring more variety and how to publish that content in a more exciting/noticeable way. She also advised on

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