Social Selling To Success Course

Did you know 65 million users on LinkedIn are business decision-makers? Four out of every five users drive business decisions.

That’s why marketers use LinkedIn because it’s the largest online professional network that provides the perfect source of contacts where business is done and where opportunities emerge.

The right platform combined with the proper methods is a guaranteed way to grow your business and get the right leads.

Our online interactive and hands-on courses and programs are designed for LinkedIn, levels 1-3 which will take you from beginner to master in 4 stages.

Level 1 – Kickstart

Level 2 – Zero To Content Hero 

Level 3 – Social Selling To Success

By attending these courses, you will have all the ideas you need to create your social media strategy and compile your action plan so you can start as you mean to go on.  Learn why it is essential in getting brand exposure, targeting your audience, showing your company as ‘the expert’ and how working with goals and social selling can get you great results. 

Learn the step-by-step process to generate leads with zero marketing spend. If you’re B2B (you sell to other businesses), you have a product or service and want to attract leads.

We all know that businesses fail without well-executed lead generation and sales strategies, but when you get your process right, success is inevitable and it can all be accomplished without the cost of LinkedIn premium, sales navigator or advertising campaigns and sales funnels.

Combining the art of social selling and the power of LinkedIn, you will learn how to attract leads with confidence and credibility. The key to success is not through sharing content alone. Content has its role and is important as we learn in the Level 2 course, but it isn’t going to generate a steady stream of clients.

Course Overview

  • Determine your Linkedin social selling goals and plan
  • Find your targeted clients and build relationships using messenger

  • Comfortably move the conversation offline, to win new business
  • How to deal with sales objections


Whats Included

Course Price

One To One Course
(With one power hour a week)

4 Weeks


What Our Attendees Say

Jen has increased my revenue and I got 5 leads and 2 paying clients from her Linkedin Signature Programme. I have more confidence and a strategy to follow for using Linkedin the right way. Jen is very practical, patient and I found it very helpful to have weekly exercises and to plan ahead for my marketing. When you use it right, you get the leads. Thanks very much Jen!

J. Cruden
Property Investor

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