Zero To Content Hero Course

LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing channel that is used by B2B companies for marketing their businesses. Unlike other social media channels where sharing of both business and personal information takes place, on LinkedIn, sharing takes place only with content relating to a particular company or industry. Therefore, curating content for LinkedIn is not an easy task. 
You have to think more strategically as to what you want to share on LinkedIn to stand out. How you present yourself through the content you share has a big impact on your business and personal brand, so it’s important that you don’t just throw stuff up on your profile.

Our online interactive and hands-on courses and programs are designed for LinkedIn, levels 1-3 which will take you from beginner to master in 4 stages.

Level 1 – Kickstart

Level 2 – Zero To Content Hero 

Level 3 – Social Selling To Success

By attending these courses, you will have all the ideas you need to create your social media strategy and compile your action plan so you can start as you mean to go on.  Learn why it is essential in getting brand exposure, targeting your audience, showing your company as ‘the expert’ and how working with goals and social selling can get you great results. 

You will learn how to create visually engaging social media posts that convey your brand through images, articles, newsletters, carousels and videos.
During this bespoke 4-week online course via Zoom, you will learn how to;

Course Overview

  • Review of your content following the Kickstart
  • Understand the different types of content (articles, newsletters, carousels and native and live video).
  • Develop and plan a successful content strategy
  • Where to find ideas and inspiration for your content (*Free Content Ideas Guide included)
  • 9 Tips to become the best content writer in your industry
  • Practice content creation of your choice
  • How to use live and native video on LinkedIn
  • Best practices
  • Basic equipment required
  • Practice 2-minute video on your smartphone for camera confidence (practice only)
  • Review content
  • Plan follow on content for strategy
  • Q&As

You will be creating content during the course with an Award-winning trainer and coach, for support and guidance to hold you accountable, and exercises to help get you in a flow to be consistent to create a variety of quality content your audience will love.

Whats Included

Course Price

One To One Course
(With one power hour a week)

4 Weeks


What Our Attendees Say

I recently did some LinkedIn training with Jen – what a difference she has made to my profile and understanding of the platform!! In just 4 x 1hr sessions per week, I received brilliant advice and suggestions for a new banner, and a more coherent strategy to improve my message and brand awareness. By understanding what I can put in a post, one of the posts I did during my exercise went from 30 to 2,154! and the engagement is the best it’s been with profile views increasing by 350%. I’ve had several quality leads come in too which I have been able to turn into paying clients already! I now know how to communicate better through my posts, how to make sure my profile is seen by the right audience, how to use the platform to build genuine, purposeful relationships with my business network and to ensure my brand is understood and effective. I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking to receive some focused, practical training on LinkedIn. She is an actual LinkedIn superwoman and certainly deserving of the awards she has received to date!

L. White
Award Writer

I wanted to take responsibility for my business development and when I spoke to Jen I knew from the outset that she was what I needed for my business.
In my opinion you can’t afford not to learn or use LinkedIn. I was doing things that were a bit hit and miss but now I have a clearer strategy. I’ve learnt about content, social selling, networking and building relationships not selling. I like that the sessions held me accountable with exercises.
Jen is very practical, and a great coach and the course is delivered by her opening up ideas and suggestions to help me make better decisions. It’s clear that Jen really wants my business to succeed and I felt she was easy to work with. I’m looking forward to future sessions on digital marketing with Jen.
Furthermore, I found her course invaluable as it delivers on the outcomes and Jen provides lots of information for you to take away and I still refer to it months after.

As Jen takes the time to get to know you and your business, she has been able to introduce me to a VA who works specifically with HR professionals. This has been a win-win situation for both parties and I really appreciated the introduction.

E. Effiom
HR Consultant

I have been using LinkedIn for a while but recently decided to focus more on this Social Media medium. I have attended Jen Taylor’s LinkedIn Programme, Level 1-3, to optimise my profile, create a content plan and learn how I can generate effective leads to grow my business to get the best results.

My SSI score now shows that I am in top 1% in my industry!

My connections, views, and post views have doubled in this time and I have gained a couple of leads during the course, and people are commenting that they are seeing me on their feed.
I did have a process with LinkedIn, but after this timely review attending this course, I have a clearer content plan of how to utilise LinkedIn, with a positive focus on creating and effecting valued posts and engagement, reaching out, connecting, engaging, and growing my audience.

My weekly sessions held me accountable, and Jen’s support ensured that I moved forwards each week with confidence. I am now using LinkedIn and building my network with my Ideal Clients in mind.

The outcome of this program is that I am using Linkedin with a targeted purpose to achieve my goals.
Even if you have used LinkedIn for a while, Jen will gently guide and support you on your journey to LOVE LinkedIn, making it the go-to medium that builds your informative network for you and your business.

Thanks Jen.


A. Hughes
Business Consultant

Every once in a while you come across a super kind person who also happens to be an expert in their field, and Jen is definitely such a person. She is a connection worth having, and I’d recommend her Linkedin courses. It’s all about VALUE for money, and you’ll get that with Jen.

D. Strudwick
Web designer

I engaged with Jen because I felt that one thing was missing from my Li knowledge. that as generating leads through Linkedin. Three big benefits came out of this work for me.

1) Review and revise my profile – my profile views have increased
2) An effective posting schedule – my engagement is up from 10 – low 100’s to over 1,000
3) How to follow up – from posts: 3 x 1-1 meetings booked and one sale secured.

I can thoroughly recommend Jen’s training.


C. Hallett
Sales & Mindset Coach

I can thoroughly recommend Jen for her knowledge of LinkedIn, her patience during training, and her experience in bringing your content, and her knowledge of LinkedIn together to generate great results for you.
She took my profile from ‘average’ to ‘really good’, created a bright new banner for my profile that promotes my services without being too ‘salesy’, and has increased my SSI within my industry from top 7% to top 4%.

If you’re looking for someone to improve your LinkedIn performance, look no further than Jen Taylor


K. Budden
GDPR Consultant

There’s so much info out there about LinkedIn but no-one has ever joined up all the dots for me before and got me the results that I wanted apart from Jen. In the first 10 minutes Jen showed me that I wasn’t being seen and then helped me establish my niche and who I really wanted to work with. Jen designed a brand new banner for me which really compliments my branding and pulls everything together.
Although I’m very confident in what I do, I find it difficult to sell myself and to be visible, let alone write posts. Jen has held my hand and helped me to come up with lots of ideas for content which has given me the confidence to promote myself and be visible.

I’ve had so many opportunities already; from referrals to attracting people who are asking to connect with me. Working with Jen was definitely the right decision and money well spent.

E. Kinzett
Virtal Assistant

In just 4 sessions Jen has helped me transform my LinkedIn and put me on the path to success.
My profile was outdated, and I was only sharing articles from my company’s page with no audience engagement.
During my LinkedIn Kickstart course, I learned about the importance of fully completing my profile, how to use the advanced Search to find and connect with my ideal clients as well as practical tips on what and when to post.

I now have an optimised profile, a clear content strategy and a much better understanding of how to use LinkedIn to it full potential.

I enjoyed the fact that Jen doesn’t just throw the theory at you, she coaches you which really embeds the learning required for LinkedIn success. Jen took the time to understand my business and goals and help develop my own brand.

I am now in a strong position to drive my business forwards using the skills obtained during the course.

A. Walling
Financial Advisor

Thanks Jen, loved your training program, you gave me great and unique tips on content creation, strategic ideas on what content to post which I wouldn’t have thought of myself and ways to repurpose content to save time.
I also loved the support you gave me with the About section. I wasn’t showcasing myself properly and it looked more like a resume. With Jen’s help my profile is now complete and optimised. As a result, my post and profile views have more than doubled just in the first 2 weeks! I am now using the advanced search feature to target my audience and have a lead generation strategy.
Whether you are a social media pro or a beginner I would highly recommend booking Business Tree Consultancy.

A. Ragona
Marketing Consultant

Prior to working with Jen, my LinkedIn profile was, to use a car analogy, a bit of a clunker! No polish, hardly visible to other LinkedIn users, and not working for me as a business owner. With Jen’s help, I’ve been able to optimise my profile so that it works for me and my business, including: content creation, best practices, how to search/find ideal clients, and build relationships with existing connections.
From completing Jen’s LinkedIn Starter course, I have gone on to complete her Social Selling To Success course, learning how to apply the platform to find new business opportunities.

I found Jen to be approachable, patient and knowledgeable and can recommend her with out hesitation.

Onwards and upwards.


N. Caldwell
Financial Advisor

Although I was on LinkedIn, I certainly was not using it to my best advantage as a marketing tool until I completed Jen’s 4 week online course. After optimizing my page I doubled my profile reviews, and I learnt how to create a content plan to increase my engagement, and how to generate leads. Following the success of this course I went on to learn how to use Eventbrite to promote my online classes, and was delighted that I had 6 bookings after the first session! Jen helped me to get stuff done, and left to my own devices I would never have reached my goals. Jen has been patient, supportive and most helpful. I would recommend Jen to anyone who would like help with digital marketing.


A. Reeves-Slaughter
Pilates Instructor

For the past four weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Jen Taylor. The training has improved my confidence and understanding of LinkedIn, given me a better understanding of content and how a mix can be beneficial as well as giving me the tools to optimise my profile (for the better).

By holding me accountable, I have more than doubled my engagement and now feel that I can showcase my business off in a more thoughtful and valuable way. I am no longer worried about what people will think of my posts and I am not afraid to reach out and connect with people.

The training is delivered professionally but in a relaxed way so not to intimidate you, and most importantly she is easy to get along with and will give you the kick up bum that you need. If you are looking to enhance your LinkedIn visibility and make you more aware of your profile, then I would highly recommend Jen.

S. Humphrey
Virtual Assistant

I have been through Jen’s Level 1 LinkedIn training and it was a revelation. I am active on the platform and needed a refresh. Jen challenged and helped me to unlearn some old habits and create new ones. I couldn’t have been happier. There were 3 standout benefits for me – My 3 P’s!
1) Profile : With Jen’s coaching I was able to refine my headlines and particularly the ‘about me’ section. Also ensure my hashtags were correct, followed etc. This including sweeping all sections of the profile and getting smarter about managing them
2) Posts: Jen helped me refine my approach to posting and get a better blend of personal stories, business insights and pure selling. This included the construction of the posts.
3) Proposals: I have tangible, measurable outputs from this. New engagements and contacts which are now warm leads and previous contacts I have been back in touch with. One of which has led very quickly to a new proposal. This is the key for me as LinkedIn is my go-to business generation platform

I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Jen and find out how she could help you. Even if you have been ‘doing’ LinkedIn for a long time like I was! It really helps. Thanks Jen.

J. Blain
CEO, Speaker, Trainer

I never thought that in just a few weeks my LinkedIn would be generating new leads, but that’s what happened from working with Jen. She showed me how to optimise my profile and content, which has resulted in my profile appearing in twice as many search results compared to just 4 weeks ago. I also have a better understanding of connecting with new people and making authentic connections. Jen’s 1-1 guidance made the learning easier and more enjoyable, and the lessons will be implemented for years to come. I would recommend Jen to any marketer or business owner looking to get the most out of their LinkedIn experience.

R. White

There was so much I didn’t know about LinkedIn!
I’m still no expert, but Jen is. She’s shared a great deal of her knowledge with me during an online workshop, which included pimping up my profile and, more importantly, finding that my profile wasn’t even being found! Now I have a plan and know the importance of posting regularly with appropriate content to help attract our ideal clients and increase engagement.
The workshop was well-structured and tailored to our business and goals.
I’d would thoroughly recommend Jen.

J. Chakravorty

I lacked confidence and structure as a newbie to LinkedIn but Jen patiently guided me through the process and I can now see the potential that LinkedIn has to build relationships through content and messenger. I found it difficult not to be salesy but professional and business like. I’ve completed levels 1, 2 and 3, which included content creation and social selling to success. During the course I was pleased to have had a possible prospect. I’m not an experienced sales person but know I have to learn this if I want to grow my business. It took me out of my comfort zone which is what I needed and all Jen’s coaching was tailored to my learning needs. I needed someone who could help me with structure, understand my needs and she gave me motivation and boosted my confidence. Jen showed patience, is very knowledgeable and clearly wants the best for her clients. I would highly recommend Jen as someone who can guide you through the minefield of LinkedIn, marketing and sales.

C. Rogers
Team Leader

I’ve just completed my first four-week introduction training with Jen and it’s been a really great experience!
When I started I was doing ok on LinkedIn, but I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure of how and why I was posting content and engaging and connecting. Now that has all changed. I understand the platform so much better now and how to use it to expand and strengthen my network and make great connections!

The main things I’m taking away from the course are:
* I now have a more focused content plan and weekly strategy
* I can use the search function and filter to find specific people and roles
* I’m developing relationships rather than going in for a hard sell
* My networking is much more effective
* I’ve achieved a score of Top 1% on my SSI! (If you don’t know what that means, speak to Jen)

It’s been a really valuable experience and doing it hands-on together with Jen week by week does ensure that you actually DO the things you’re learning rather than saying you will and not getting around to it.

I feel more confident in how I’m going to use LinkedIn now and look forward to carrying on with Jen and doing her Social Selling for Success course in a few week’s time.


J. Ellis
Marketing Consultant

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