A. Hughes

I have been using LinkedIn for a while but recently decided to focus more on this Social Media medium. I have attended Jen Taylor’s LinkedIn Programme, Level 1-3, to optimise my profile, create a content plan and learn how I can generate effective leads to grow my business to get the best results.

My SSI score now shows that I am in top 1% in my industry!

My connections, views, and post views have doubled in this time and I have gained a couple of leads during the course, and people are commenting that they are seeing me on their feed.
I did have a process with LinkedIn, but after this timely review attending this course, I have a clearer content plan of how to utilise LinkedIn, with a positive focus on creating and effecting valued posts and engagement, reaching out, connecting, engaging, and growing my audience.

My weekly sessions held me accountable, and Jen’s support ensured that I moved forwards each week with confidence. I am now using LinkedIn and building my network with my Ideal Clients in mind.

The outcome of this program is that I am using Linkedin with a targeted purpose to achieve my goals.
Even if you have used LinkedIn for a while, Jen will gently guide and support you on your journey to LOVE LinkedIn, making it the go-to medium that builds your informative network for you and your business.

Thanks Jen.


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