I never thought that in just a few weeks my LinkedIn would be generating new leads, but that’s what happened from working with Jen. She showed me how to optimise my profile and content, which has resulted in my profile appearing in twice as many search results compared to just 4 weeks ago. I also… Read more “R. White”

R. White

Jen worked with me for 5 months and really helped me with my Social Media content.  She gave some brilliant advice and was an admin on my Facebook page.  I was able to go in and look at the content drafts and either edit them myself or give her edits.  This made me feel as… Read more “M. Chumas-Baker”

M. Chumas-Baker

I asked Jen if she could offer a bespoke group training day for our Slimming World consultants, and so glad I did! We learnt all about Facebook and how we could utilise it to market our businesses. Jen is very knowledgeable and patient, and guided us through step by step with confidence. We also implemented… Read more “S. Goggin”

S. Goggin

I worked alongside Jen, on her 8-week Linkedin signature program, and with each session, she brought tonnes of value. From unique ideas to features to utilise on LinkedIn. I have learnt so much, and gained so much knowledge on putting the message across, we knew we needed and wanted to tell. I can’t believe the… Read more “H. Carless”

H. Carless
Digital Marketing Consultant

Jen has been amazing during our first 121 Facebook training workshop, taking me through Facebook from the very beginning and answering all the questions I hadn’t dared ask before! We reviewed and updated my Facebook page and posted a new post which reached more people in the first hour than anything before! A 5 star rating and truly… Read more “Carole Simpson”

C. Simpson

I lacked confidence and structure as a newbie to LinkedIn but Jen patiently guided me through the process and I can now see the potential that LinkedIn has to build relationships through content and messenger. I found it difficult not to be salesy but professional and business like. I’ve completed levels 1, 2 and 3,… Read more “C. Rogers”

C. Rogers
Team Leader

Prior to working with Jen, my LinkedIn profile was, to use a car analogy, a bit of a clunker! No polish, hardly visible to other LinkedIn users, and not working for me as a business owner. With Jen’s help, I’ve been able to optimise my profile so that it works for me and my business,… Read more “N. Caldwell”

N. Caldwell
Financial Advisor

Thanks Jen, loved your training program, you gave me great and unique tips on content creation, strategic ideas on what content to post which I wouldn’t have thought of myself and ways to repurpose content to save time. I also loved the support you gave me with the About section. I wasn’t showcasing myself properly… Read more “A. Ragona”

A. Ragona
Marketing Consultant

For the past four weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Jen Taylor. The training has improved my confidence and understanding of LinkedIn, given me a better understanding of content and how a mix can be beneficial as well as giving me the tools to optimise my profile (for the better). By holding… Read more “S. Humphrey”

S. Humphrey
Virtual Assistant

I have been using LinkedIn for a while but recently decided to focus more on this Social Media medium. I have attended Jen Taylor’s LinkedIn Programme, Level 1-3, to optimise my profile, create a content plan and learn how I can generate effective leads to grow my business to get the best results. My SSI… Read more “A. Hughes”

A. Hughes
Business Consultant

I wanted to take responsibility for my business development and when I spoke to Jen I knew from the outset that she was what I needed for my business. In my opinion you can’t afford not to learn or use LinkedIn. I was doing things that were a bit hit and miss but now I… Read more “E. Effiom”

E. Effiom
HR Consultant

Our SEO training day which was tailored to our photography business with Jen was excellent. We now have a 5 step strategy for success and I understand how online and offline SEO works including the technical and creative elements. I learnt many areas to improve traffic to our website which Jen reviewed and advised, including… Read more “Tina Carmichael”

T. Carmichael

Every once in a while you come across a super kind person who also happens to be an expert in their field, and Jen is definitely such a person. She is a connection worth having, and I’d recommend her Linkedin courses. It’s all about VALUE for money, and you’ll get that with… Read more “D. Strudwick”

D. Strudwick
Web designer

There was so much I didn’t know about LinkedIn! I’m still no expert, but Jen is. She’s shared a great deal of her knowledge with me during an online workshop, which included pimping up my profile and, more importantly, finding that my profile wasn’t even being found! Now I have a plan and know the… Read more “J Chakravorty”

J. Chakravorty

Jen’s training is different from others in that she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she helps you to think outside the box, gives valuable advice and helps to implement it, so you know it’s done correctly and it gets done! I wanted to continue my Linkedin journey, so joined The Linkedin Growth Academy… Read more “A.G”


Jen has increased my revenue and I got 5 leads and 2 paying clients from her Linkedin Signature Programme. I have more confidence and a strategy to follow for using Linkedin the right way. Jen is very practical, patient and I found it very helpful to have weekly exercises and to plan ahead for my… Read more “J. Cruden”

J. Cruden
Property Investor

Jen is my marketing guru. She has the knowledge and experience of helping business owners market their business effectively online. So far, I have optimised my social media business pages, learnt how to create professional, educational and engaging posts, boosting posts, creating exciting offers effectively to reach my targeted audience. I now have a marketing… Read more “Su Ram”

S. Ram
Holistic Health & Wellbeing

When I met Jen my goal was to have more of a presence on Linkedin and set up and write my profile correctly. During her LinkedIn Audit & Refresh Power Hour, we implemented and completed all my profiles, which previously looked like a CV and didn’t resonate with my ideal clients. Jen took the time… Read more “B. Deadman”

B. Deadman
Virtual Assistant

Jen was personable and professional in her delivery of the content as well as really knowledgeable. Jen answered questions competently and was able to demonstrate tools and websites there and then. She was really interested in my business. I would recommend her to any business… Read more “Caroline Kings”

C. Kings

I recently did some LinkedIn training with Jen – what a difference she has made to my profile and understanding of the platform!! In just 4 x 1hr sessions per week, I received brilliant advice and suggestions for a new banner, and a more coherent strategy to improve my message and brand awareness. By understanding… Read more “L. White”

L. White
Award Writer

Although I was on LinkedIn, I certainly was not using it to my best advantage as a marketing tool until I completed Jen’s 4 week online course. After optimizing my page I doubled my profile reviews, and I learnt how to create a content plan to increase my engagement, and how to generate leads. Following… Read more “A. RS”

A. Reeves-Slaughter
Pilates Instructor

I have invited Jen to talk at a few of our networking events and the response has always been so positive. She has delivered to our members great tips and advice and a clear presentation during the slot. Each time the talk has prompted lots of questions from the attendees about how to improve their… Read more “M. Mulquin”

M. Mulquin
Operational Support

I have been through Jen’s Level 1 LinkedIn training and it was a revelation. I am active on the platform and needed a refresh. Jen challenged and helped me to unlearn some old habits and create new ones. I couldn’t have been happier. There were 3 standout benefits for me – My 3 P’s! 1)… Read more “J. Blain”

J. Blain
CEO, Speaker, Trainer

I took part in Jen’s Linkedin Content Mastery workshop. From the outset, Jen was friendly, approachable, and above all knowledgeable. As an Admin of our company’s Linkedin page, she highlighted many new ideas for content, how to bring more variety and how to publish that content in a more exciting/noticeable way. She also advised on… Read more “L. Lucey”

L. Lucey
Marketing & Business Development

Having had a great experience when learning about LinkedIn with Jen, I came back for more and with her expert help, I’ve designed, built, launched and promoted my first online public speaking course! Her expertise is second to none, and she is so good at getting you to actually do things, which is invaluable. I… Read more “R. Lodge-Birkebaek”

R. Lodge-Birkebaek
Speaking Coach

In just 4 sessions Jen has helped me transform my LinkedIn and put me on the path to success. My profile was outdated, and I was only sharing articles from my company’s page with no audience engagement. During my LinkedIn Kickstart course, I learned about the importance of fully completing my profile, how to use… Read more “A. Walling”

A. Walling
Financial Advisor

I’ve just completed my first four-week introduction training with Jen and it’s been a really great experience! When I started I was doing ok on LinkedIn, but I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure of how and why I was posting content and engaging and connecting. Now that has all changed. I understand… Read more “J. Ellis”

J. Ellis
Marketing Consultant

I invested in a one day course with Jen following a Facebook group workshop I attended. The Facebook workshop was really valuable and I picked up loads of tips which were easy to implement. Jen then came to my home and we spent a one day course on sales funnels. Technology is not really my… Read more “Julie Barlett”

J. Barlett
PT & Health and wellbeing coach

I can thoroughly recommend Jen for her knowledge of LinkedIn, her patience during training, and her experience in bringing your content, and her knowledge of LinkedIn together to generate great results for you. She took my profile from ‘average’ to ‘really good’, created a bright new banner for my profile that promotes my services without… Read more “K. Budden”

K. Budden
GDPR Consultant

As soon as the Growth Academy was started, I wanted to join as I knew it would improve my LinkedIn skills and help me to reach my target market. Since joining I have learnt to improve my posts so much that I have gained 2 new clients. I couldn’t give a better testimonial than by… Read more “C.O”


I engaged with Jen because I felt that one thing was missing from my Li knowledge. that as generating leads through Linkedin. Three big benefits came out of this work for me. 1) Review and revise my profile – my profile views have increased 2) An effective posting schedule – my engagement is up from… Read more “C. Hallett”

C. Hallett
Sales & Mindset Coach

Jen has been amazing and efficient at sorting out my branding and social media. I came to Jen because I recognised that my marketing did not reflect what I do now, as my work has grown organically rather than from the beginning of a new business 5 years ago. I’ve now got a new business… Read more “Efficient at sorting out my branding and social media.”

C. O'Callaghan
Virtual Assistant

There’s so much info out there about LinkedIn but no-one has ever joined up all the dots for me before and got me the results that I wanted apart from Jen. In the first 10 minutes Jen showed me that I wasn’t being seen and then helped me establish my niche and who I really… Read more “Estelle Kinzett”

E. Kinzett
Virtal Assistant

I realised how organized and disciplined I would need to be in order to fulfill my business and personal objectives. Step in Jen Taylor – Business Tree. Jen took away the ‘noise’ from my working activities and allowed me to focus on what was important to move the business forward. These days Jen maintains my… Read more “Tony Hawkes”

T. Hawkes
Finance Asset Manager

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