J. Blain

I have been through Jen’s Level 1 LinkedIn training and it was a revelation. I am active on the platform and needed a refresh. Jen challenged and helped me to unlearn some old habits and create new ones. I couldn’t have been happier. There were 3 standout benefits for me – My 3 P’s!
1) Profile : With Jen’s coaching I was able to refine my headlines and particularly the ‘about me’ section. Also ensure my hashtags were correct, followed etc. This including sweeping all sections of the profile and getting smarter about managing them
2) Posts: Jen helped me refine my approach to posting and get a better blend of personal stories, business insights and pure selling. This included the construction of the posts.
3) Proposals: I have tangible, measurable outputs from this. New engagements and contacts which are now warm leads and previous contacts I have been back in touch with. One of which has led very quickly to a new proposal. This is the key for me as LinkedIn is my go-to business generation platform

I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Jen and find out how she could help you. Even if you have been ‘doing’ LinkedIn for a long time like I was! It really helps. Thanks Jen.

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