J. Ellis

I’ve just completed my first four-week introduction training with Jen and it’s been a really great experience!
When I started I was doing ok on LinkedIn, but I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure of how and why I was posting content and engaging and connecting. Now that has all changed. I understand the platform so much better now and how to use it to expand and strengthen my network and make great connections!

The main things I’m taking away from the course are:
* I now have a more focused content plan and weekly strategy
* I can use the search function and filter to find specific people and roles
* I’m developing relationships rather than going in for a hard sell
* My networking is much more effective
* I’ve achieved a score of Top 1% on my SSI! (If you don’t know what that means, speak to Jen)

It’s been a really valuable experience and doing it hands-on together with Jen week by week does ensure that you actually DO the things you’re learning rather than saying you will and not getting around to it.

I feel more confident in how I’m going to use LinkedIn now and look forward to carrying on with Jen and doing her Social Selling for Success course in a few week’s time.


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