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How To Create & Sell Online Courses & Workshops

We’re a big fan of learning new skills, which is why we offer different digital marketing courses to suit everyone.

In fact, we even have a course to help you create and sell your own courses. With our marketing and design skills, we offer a fountain of helpful advice and training about how to construct an effective online course, with more and more people than ever not only signing up for courses but creating their own too.

Why Should I Create An Online Course?

Businesses can benefit massively from developing an online course, not only because it can become a brand-new source of income, but also because it’s an incredibly useful tool for lead generation.

Creating an online course on a topic that your business has expertise in helps to position your business as a leader in its field and builds trust amongst potential customers.

In addition to bringing in new customers, it also helps to keep current customers happy by teaching them how to better grow their businesses.

Online courses can seem a bit daunting but, when done well, the rewards are plentiful.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you create your online course for success.

Module 1:
Search & Validation

– Competitor research 
– Audience research (ideal client)
– Develop the solution to get your client from A to B
– Validate your course idea by asking your audience on social media/Survey Monkey/polls etc to refine your positioning

Module 2:
Built It

– Mapping out your title, modules, lessons, and resources (working backwards with the end in mind)
– What are your learning outcomes?
– Record and produce the content
– Tools to host & deliver the workshops 
– Pricing models

Module 3:
Launch It.

– Market the transformation
– Create a waiting list to secure targeted leads and nurture them in the lead-up to your launch
– Offer bonuses and discounts for early bird purchases
– Launch tools & platforms

Module 4:
Market It

– Setting up your online course and platform
– Ongoing marketing (early bird deals, Facebook ads, content plans, email lists, social media promotion)

– Tools & platforms

We offer online and face-to-face, one-to-one bespoke training courses, programmes and group workshops to suit your requirements.

Course Prices

*Discounts for larger groups are available, please contact us for more information.

One To One Course
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What Our Attendees Say

Jen has been amazing and efficient at sorting out my branding and social media. I came to Jen because I recognised that my marketing did not reflect what I do now, as my work has grown organically rather than from the beginning of a new business 5 years ago. I’ve now got a new business name, a new logo, new banners, and had social media training. As an award-winning marketing coach, Jen showed how it should be done! Thank you!
C. O'Callaghan
Virtual Assistant

Having had a great experience when learning about LinkedIn with Jen, I came back for more and with her expert help, I’ve designed, built, launched and promoted my first online public speaking course! Her expertise is second to none, and she is so good at getting you to actually do things, which is invaluable. I couldn’t have done this without her coaching and mentorship and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone needing help and insight with social media and marketing on all platforms.

R. Lodge-Birkebaek
Speaking Coach

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Create Your Online Course
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