Debunking LinkedIn Myths

I hear and see lots of people talk about LinkedIn or give advice about things, but not all of them are the truth.

Though LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals across all industries, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how it works.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools there is – when you know how to use it correctly.

Maximizing LinkedIn requires you to ditch some pervasive and limiting mindsets.

So, here are just some of the myths debunked that I believe need to be busted… and there are more, for another day!

Do you have LinkedIn questions or myths to share?

If you would like to maximise your lead generation strategies on LinkedIn, without the use of automation bots or sales navigator, then let’s chat.

People by from people, we are not just a number and I’m here to help you create authentic and genuine connections on LinkedIn, converting them into long-term customers or referral partners.

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