What Does A LinkedIn Coach Do?

What Does A LinkedIn Coach Do?

There are a variety of LinkedIn coaches and consultants out there. From career coaches who help with CV’s, recruiters who are focused on getting their candidates new jobs to LinkedIn coaches who help companies and individuals to use the power of LinkedIn and social selling to their full potential (that’s me!)

If you are a coach, consultant or business owner looking to grow your business online, there’s no better place on the planet to be right now than LinkedIn. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that! 🙂

During the pandemic, redundancies have been made, businesses closing and the stress and worry for decreased revenue. But, we need to be as proactive as possible, especially as there are concerns of a second wave.

The good news is that, because of many people working from home and our entire professional lives have migrated online, during this period, LinkedIn has grown in daily traffic, as well as some great new features and tools.

Just as a website is one the focal point of a business’s marketing efforts, your LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of your personal brand. Arguably, for independent coaches and trainers it is more important than a website because it is the first place someone will go to check you out – and there is plenty of competition.

I can’t speak for other coaches, but I like to bring the best out of people without necessarily telling them exactly what to do, but suggesting options for you to make the final choice. I see myself as a coach that supports your LinkedIn journey and to enjoy the process.

We start by identifying your ideal clients, explore your challenges, goals and potential to develop an appropriate strategy/philosophy for your profile and/or company page and encourage you to move as far as you are willing to go at the time, so you have an accountability buddy and take action!.

For example, it could be that you have never created content and you are not good at talking about yourself, or you are not comfortable with writing or get writer’s block. You may need help with content ideas, to find a way that works for you with language examples and wording choices to present yourself effectively without being too salesy.

Your LinkedIn profile should be written in your ‘voice’, although for people who really feel uncomfortable writing, I can create a client-attracting LinkedIn profile for them.

You may want to increase your connections with your ideal clients instead of having people in your industry as connections? build brand awareness? drive traffic to your website? Improve your content engagement? build relationships and turn warm leads into sales?

I help you, with a step-by-step process, to use LinkedIn in just 30 minutes a day, positioning yourself as the “go-to” expert, to make it an ongoing part of your professional growth and branding strategy.

You can attend as many social media masterclasses and webinars but if you haven’t conquered your fears or challenges, learn how to use the platform effectively or have the personal guidance and support, it’s unlikely that you will succeed as much as you’d like.

Having spent the last 6 years coaching and training hundreds of professionals internationally, including the public and private sector, how to use LinkedIn to generate growth and providing key strategies to fine tune their profiles, I’m seeing more and more people generating some incredible results using the platform.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, LinkedIn works.

“Some amazing ideas and strategies from Jen to help me improve my LinkedIn marketing. I’ve completed LinkedIn Level 1, 2 and 3 courses so far, which was invaluable to my business during COVID19.”

“Jen really got to know me and my business. She helped me connect with my ideal clients not just on sales but more on information to share with them. I did not expect to get so many results as quick as I did. If it was not for Jen’s coaching and holding me accountable I probably would not have done the things I should have and got the results.”

“Jen is an excellent trainer and really is very knowledgeable. She is very easy to work with and listens to what I want to achieve.”

“I would highly recommend Jen if you need to help with improving your LinkedIn presence, content and sales.”

If you would to arrange a complimentary discovery call, please email: info@businesstreeuk.co.uk

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