8 Reasons To Start Writing LinkedIn Articles

8 Reasons To Start Writing LinkedIn Articles

Whether you are an expert entrepreneur/sales person/coach/consultant (fill in blanks) you are what people portray you both in life and business.

Do you create written content and wondering how LinkedIn articles can boost your brand?

To attract new customers you need two things; visibility and credibility with your target audience and LinkedIn has the tools to do both and one of the best things that small and medium sized businesses can do. Even better news, this can also increase your SEO.

Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window for both your personal brand and your business. If you use it effectively, you will stand out from your competition and become a thought leader in your industry, as well as a great way to start conversations.

A LinkedIn article is a great way to show your knowledge and expertise. Look at it as your LinkedIn blog. It gives you much more opportunity to showcase your knowledge than a post does. LinkedIn articles can be up to 125,000 characters in length, whereas a post and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters.

So in this article, you will learn how to create LinkedIn articles with my 8 tips to get you started or tweak and improve your articles if you already publish them.

1. Start by clicking on the “Write an article” icon. Give your article an image, use your own or a stock image (don’t use images from Google)

2. Think of a catchy headline to grab the readers attention and always deliver on what the headline promises- like this one. Answering a question your audience or network has asked, such as my “How Do I Get Inbound Enquiries on LinkedIn” article make good topics to write about, as does industry news and updates.

3. You also want to tell the reader what they can expect to gain. Say you are a career coach for example, and you want to write about the top mistakes people make in job interviews. A great headline might be: “The top 3 job interview mistakes and how to avoid them.”

4. Now you can write your article!

Add white space and you can also use subheadings, bullet points, numbers or bold type as I have here, to break it up if you want to. Save in draft in the Publishing menu if you want to come back to it to edit and format to make it easier to read.

5. Remember to always add a Call To Action.

6. Congrats! It’s time to publish and promote your article. However, there is more you can do after publishing it. Share in a post with your connections for profile discovery using relevant hashtags, and write something in your post to encourage people to click on the article and share.

By consistently writing articles, you’ll build up your content library and build loyalty.

You can also use the content as evergreen and re-purpose it on your other social media platforms or if someone in a group has asked a question that’s discussed in your article, share the link and you will drive people to view your content.

7. Add your article to your Features section so people can see your article in the top part of your profile.

Pro Top Tip: Make sure your settings are set to public to increase visibility of your articles.

Pro Bonus Tip: If one of your LinkedIn posts is getting a lot of comments and engagement, that might be a good topic for an article.

I hope this article was useful and helps you to start writing regular articles to become a thought leader on LinkedIn and create a strong personal brand.

If you have any questions, want to learn more or don’t have time or motivation to write articles, we can show you how, or do it for you. Please comment or get in touch here: info@businesstreeuk.co.uk

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